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Korea - import schedule of table rice
Milled Rice, MT
Calendar Year Total Table Purpose Rate of Table Rice (%)
2005 225,575 22,558 10
2006 245,922 34,429 14
2007 266,269 47,928 18
2008 286,616 63,056 22
2009 306,963 79,810 26
2010 327,310 98,193 30
2011 347,657 104,297 30
2012 368,004 110,401 30
2013 388,351 116,505 30
2014 408,698 122,609 30

In early May, in an attempt to broaden the eligibility of rice auction participants, MAF included rice retailers and/or wholesalers in the pool of eligible bidders starting with the June 7, 2006 auction. The Korea Agro-Fishery Trade Corporation estimates that there are about 2,000 shops across the nation that specialize in the handling of rice and expects around a quarter of those shops will show interest in the imported rice auctions.
MAF now defines eligible purchasers as:
a. A rice wholesaler/retailer, a middleman in the legal food grain wholesales market, or an agricultural retailer/wholesaler/restaurant owner who has recorded more than 5 billion Korean won of annual sales in the previous year.
b. A person who has facilities to sell rice.
c. A person who is not listed among the rice processing companies based on the Grain Management Act regulations and is not a buyer, but who has purchased rice for processing purposes from government-held rice stocks.

FAS/Seoul estimates that the number of eligible bidders will increase from 738 to approximately 2,738 under the revised eligibility requirements.
Despite the increase in eligible bidders participation rates in the rice auctions may not rise dramatically because of lingering fears of a backlash from farmers and non-governmental organizations.

Since April 5, 2006, imported rice has been auctioned off to Korean buyers through an online auction held by Korea Agro-Fishery Trade Corporation (aT). Major end users have been large-scale restaurants and food institutions located inside industrial complexes that have purchased the imported rice from wholesalers or retailers participating in the rice auction. According to the Status of Rice Auction table below, Chinese short grain has proven popular with Korean buyers because it shares characteristics and quality similar to Korean rice at a lower cost.
U.S. table rice sales suffered initially from negative media reports that it tasted bad resulting in slow sales. However, the major buyers of imported rice began purchasing U.S. rice soon after Chinese short grain supplies were exhausted because they are very price conscious. Major retail chains like e-Mart, Costco, Walmart, Lotte, Shinsegue, and others who are eligible to bid on imported rice have yet to participate in the auction process. The absence of distribution by the major retail chains has deprived the individual consumer easy access to U.S. rice. The retail chains feel that relative small tonnages involved are not worth the threat of a backlash from Korean farmers and consumer activists and have remained on the sidelines.

Status of Rice Auction for Imported Rice
(Unit: metric tons, milled, as of July 26 2006)
Commodity USDA - Grade - Total Imports -
Auctioned Off Balance Rate of Auctioned Off
#1 2,752 2,707 45 98%
#3 2,752 2,727.90 24 99%
#1 6,383 6,366.53 16 100%
#3 6,384 6,362.72 21 100%
#1 1,646 198.8 1,447 12%
#3 1,647 8 1,639 0%
Total 21,564 18,371 3,193 85%
Source: Korea Agro-Fishery Trade Corporation
MGR Archive 31.7.2006
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Region Type Price  
Russia Rapan $ 700
USA Jupiter Rice $630
USA Calrose #1 $830
USA Calrose #1 Paddy $480
EU Prices Baldo €660
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